A selection of illustrations done for the New York Times:

NYT book review A.D.: Matt Dorfman

Sculpture commissioned by Aviva Michaelov for the NYT Sunday Review

A piece for the Op-Ed Section on the theme of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. A.D.: Matt Dorfman

A comic for the Opinionator blog of the New York Times. Based on the piece "The Mysteries of My Father's Mind" by Rebecca Rotert. A.D.: Nathan Huang

The New York Times Op-Ed: Fighting Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt. A.D: Matt Dorfman

An illustration for the New York Times Op-Ed section that ran last friday. It’s on the unknown history of Mexican lynchings in the US during the 19th century. A.D.: Nathan Huang

A piece for the NYT Sunday Review: “The Woman’s Heart Attack" written by Martha Weinman Lear. A.D.: Alexandra Zsigmond

A piece for the NYT Letters Section, about an article about the attitude of the catholic church towards divorce. A.D.: Alexandra Zsigmond